Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center

Welcome to Yokoji

We are an internationally renowned Zen Center located in the beautiful mountains of Southern California.

Yokoji provides a place for people from all walks of life to practice Zen Buddhism. There are many ways you can do this.

Every Sunday we run introductory classes in zazen (Zen meditation). Throughout the year there are events, often on weekends, which focus on various aspects of Zen practice. We hold sesshin (silent meditation retreats) almost every month of the year, ranging from 2-7 days.

It is possible to stay at Yokoji for any period of time. You can join our residential training program and follow the schedule for a number of days, months or years. Overnight and weekend stays are also an option if you would like to join in with the programs that we offer. Check the events page for details.

A short film about life and practice at Yokoji. See more videos on our video page.

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