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Sesshin: Part III

November 19, 2010 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

Sesshin: Part III

This is one seriously peeved pumpkin.

Here we are. Day 5 of Rohatsu sesshin, the final sesshin of the Fall Training Period. Eishu was with us up until Wednesday when he had to leave to return to Hawaii to rest up for a few days before flying out to Japan for another Rohatsu sesshin. Some people just can't get enough! Roshi spoke yesterday on Shakyamuni Buddha, as this sesshin commemorates his historical enlightenment having sat under the bodhi tree for seven days before seeing the morning star and awakening. It was a powerful talk and it will go out at the end of this month as the podcast for all y'all.

The photos today are somewhat random. An angry pumpkin face and the jikido for this sesshin, Daniel in zazen pose. Being jikido for sesshin is tough. As Tenshin Roshi's attendant (Jisha) I am out of the loop as far as the jikido roster goes, so it's been a while since I've done it. It's one of those jobs that can be great to do, a chance to really focus and take care of the participants by making tea and coffee in the mornings, keeping the fires lit to maintain a comfortable temperature, and marking everything on the schedule with a time signal. A sense of 'Bodhisattva behind the scenes' is pretty common, taking care of people in a fairly invisible way, which becomes natural and rewarding - the Zen way of giving, rather than a sense of I give to you, and you must recognize that fact as frankly I didn't have to bother. Which is not the Zen way. In my humble opinion, that is.

I decided to check my little Toyota pick-up this morning to make sure it is good to go, once I can leave the Center this Sunday at the end of sesshin and training period. I started the engine now and then and lent it to the guys to run in to town, so it wasn't sitting around for too long, but still, it has pretty much been laying as low as I have for the past 3 months. Upon closer inspection, the truck is completely covered in a fine spray of pine sap. I always try and not park under the pine trees for this very reason, but with the high winds, the trees become like a massive spray gun with unlimited amounts of sap to blow out upon the landscape. If anyone has any good ideas about how to remove pine sap from not only a small area, but an entire truck, please do let me know.


  • Doetsu:

    19 Nov 2010 21:13:41

    “all y’all”??? My southern cooking must be getting to you, Yugen. ;^)

    I sent an email to my good friend, Tom, in Mendocino, who always seems to know how to make a car look good. I told him about your pine-sap issue and I hope he has a solution. I’m suspecting it’s going to be some kind of powerful solvent that will do the job (because of the nature of pine sap). I’ll let you know what he recommends.

    Looking forward to seeing you Sunday. I’m to cook on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I have a few questions. Take care. Love reading your blog.

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