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Yokoji river and waterfall

December 24, 2010 by Guest Author

Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

Yokoji river and waterfall

This Temple of sunlight has not seen any sun for many days in a row. The weather was totally doing it’s own thing: pouring rain, more rain and even snow in the end. For me this kind of weather is good practice, because I so do not like it at all! I don’t want to go outside to get all wet and incredibly cold. And than those gray skies! I had too many of those in Holland. And what to think of cooking in an unheated kitchen? So how to set these thoughts aside in order to be joyful with what is?

Well, what about these 3 brave men: Yugen, Kokai and Graham, who spent the whole day in the pouring rain yesterday to work on a very muddy and slippery road. Trying to make the water flow away with a tractor and two spades! Pffff, was I talking about a cold kitchen? And what about the fact that Yokoji now has a river and waterfall and that it's beautiful? And that the trees and plants and all other sentient beings in this wild nature are so happy with the water. And that I have a roof above my head and warmth inside? And….

It did help to compare and to focus on the positive to set those thoughts aside.

Nevertheless was it very nice to see the moon illuminate the grounds this morning at 5:30 am; to see the mountain tops covered in snow against a bright blue sky after sitting; to walk outside without getting wet; to see this incredible starry sky again tonight.

Happy holidays for you all!



  • Lee:

    27 Dec 2010 20:11:22

    A pleasure to read. This is a good post to read at the start of the week so I can practice the same sort of mindfulness when the rain comes again. :)

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