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Impermanance, transition.

May 26, 2011 by Guest Author

Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

After 3 months intensive training with 10 or more people pretty much all the time, we have entered the interim period: less zazen and more focus on work. We're of course still training, but the emphasis is a bit different.

All the visitors for the Shuso Hossen, of which my sister only just this morning, have left and we're with the core group of residents again: Jim P, Graham, Aaron, Bryan, Travis and Judy. Jim L is in the UK right now. I hope you are having a good time!!!

I want to thank everyone who came for the finale of the training period. Thanks to you all the Shuso Hossen ceremony turned into an event in which we were together in a very formal and at the same time  in a very personal and open way. Not in the last place thanks to all of you who participated in the ceremony and those of you who asked the questions! Thank you!

And of course big thanks to Tenshin Roshi, who is giving his life to this practice and this center. Thanks to him we have this beautiful place to train and practice together.

And now back to ordinary, daily life at Yokoji. Cleaning up after sesshin and all the guests,  back into office, finishing the terrace behind the office, eating a meal a day together and next week zazen again.

Next week we also have to begin preparation for the groups which are coming in June. For which we definitely will need help! If you're available for helping out with the set up and/or with cooking (check out the website for the dates), please contact the office! Volunteering is a very much appreciated and nice way to contribute to the center!

Impermanence, transition. Everything is practice. What an opportunity...


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