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Sunday Schedule Going Ahead This Week

September 11, 2013 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

Sunday Schedule Going Ahead This Week

The storms have now passed. There was more debris flow, but no additional damage was caused. Today, we got the water back on to a few buildings, but there are multiple breaks in the line, preventing the whole center going back online.

The residents and a few volunteers have started digging out the workshop so we can get some of the more valuable tools out to safety. We were also able to get the shop door open and the grader blade for the tractor out today (pictured in the previous blog). With the grader back on the tractor, the road can be reopened. There is a lot of long term work to do on the road, but by the weekend it will be accessible for regular 2-wheel drive cars.

In light of the storms having finished and the road reopening we would like to invite you all to two events this weekend: a volunteer work day on Saturday (9am - 5pm) and the regular program on Sunday morning (we'll start at 10am with zazen, so please arrive by 9:45 to be in your seat for 9:55am). For any one that can make Saturday, please bring plenty of water as our water is not drinkable. Also bring a packed lunch with you as we cannot provide food at this time. And finally, if you have a shovel, please bring it along! For Sunday, we will most likely sit in one of the other buildings as the Buddha Hall has some minor water damage. We will direct people to the correct place on arrival. We will not be holding the beginner's class, though. We will sit zazen together and then there will be a talk and discussion about the future of the center. We are open to ideas and feedback. We will prepare lunch for Sunday.

The Sunday program is going ahead this week, but it remains to be determined whether we will hold it again at the center in the future, or whether we will try and hold an alternate program in Idyllwild at one of the venues that have kindly been offered to our sangha.

For those interested, the initial BAER report was published on August 5th. Our neighbor alerted us to its existence—no one in the canyon was actually informed by the Forest Service that it was available, even though we are listed at "very high" risk of major damage. As predicted, the report says the center is in danger during the coming winter storms. Here is an extract pertaining specifically to the Zen Center:

Models predict 7.5 ac-ft of sediment moving through (or depositing), along the channel the first winter. One acre-foot is equivalent to a football field with one foot depth of sediment.

So there! Nothing much to worry about...

The owner of the car, James, came down from Oregon to get his stuff out of the car today. The owner of the car, James, came down from Oregon to get his stuff out of the car today. We didn't have a key for it, hence its unfortunate fate.


  • Deanne Shinzan Larsen:

    11 Sep 2013 22:46:19

    I just returned from Utah and helping with moving my 90-year-old father to California. I hope to see you all Sunday and will watch my e-mail for updates about the Sunday gathering.

    Yugen, thank you for the ongoing communications to our sangha.

    Residents, thank for your example of courage and effort.

    Roshi, thank you for your steadfast teachings and leadership. I miss you.

    Deanne Shinzan Larsen

  • Henrike Jishin:

    12 Sep 2013 01:33:15

    Facing what seems an endless job and yet so much optimism hearable through your words Yugen. Bravo for you all! Much love Henrike Jishin

  • Kokai:

    12 Sep 2013 10:33:11

    I wish I could be there to help out…

  • Patty Hanenberg:

    12 Sep 2013 18:31:36

    I’ll be there ! Shovel in hand .

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