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  • Working Title

    One of the great gifts of a long period of residency at Yokoji, is the chance to experience formal zen training in many different states of being. Joy, anger, fatigue, frustration, boredom,...

  • One Teaching in Response

    If I had to sum up the last couple of weeks in one word, it would be this: snow. A winter up in the mountains is no stranger to the white stuff, but this winter has been pretending for a long...

  • There and Back Again

    It’s a common practice of the British to discuss the weather. That seems an apt starting point for this post as we finally have a shift in temperature. The clouds have rolled in and it’s once...

  • Zen Medication

    Zen Medication. Take twice daily. If dose is exceeded, contact nearest Zen Center immediately as you may require intensive training. Possible side effects include stability, peace of mind, a feeling of good will to all mankind and the desire to help others.

  • We don't think winter becomes spring, we don't say spring becomes summer

    2012 is upon us. Prepare to be bombarded with Mayan-end-of-the-epoch-themed movies and TV specials as we approach the fall. Here at Yokoji we brought in the New Year in our usual way, with a...

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