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  • Bees and Blossoms

    We have an old tree that is in the middle of the triangular patch of ground in front of the office that looks like it is dead. It is charred all up the trunk, looking like it was struck by...

  • Spring Training Unfolds

    A couple of weeks into Spring Training Period and life at the Center is very full. We began on March 3rd with a Training Period Entering which we did a little differently with the installation of...

  • Weather Update

    The Sunday program will go ahead as usual tomorrow. We did get snow but the roads are plowed. There is still some mud and slush and a few spots of snow to contend with, so please drive with care.

  • Speed Kills

    With Spring training period looming, it is time to reflect upon intentions. What is it that needs to be done in the next three months? I've got my answer.