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  • Where We Stand Today

    As of today, we have resumed the summer interim schedule at Yokoji. The Sunday Schedule will be going ahead as usual this weekend. We have canceled the August sesshin and Day of Zen Practice as we do not want to host anyone beyond the residents right now. Read on for the reasons why.

  • Latest from Zen Center cleanup

    Yesterday, Tom Kloefkorn, a local plumber and member of Yokoji repaired the wells and got the water flowing into the tanks. The entire line from the wells to the tanks—a few hundred feet—was...

  • Mountain Fire at Zen Center: Update

    Over the last couple of days, a small crew worked through the day and into the night at Yokoji, evacuating when the rain intensified bringing the risk of mud slides. We worked along side fire crews to try and mitigate the damage: picnic tables, debris and rocks were washed down through the grounds, blocking the flow of water through the stream bed.

  • Latest on the Fire

    Apple Canyon late Monday afternoon Just in case there was any doubt... the Sunday schedule will not be going ahead tomorrow!

    Yesterday afternoon fire crews continued to defend...

  • Fire Update

    They are now allowing residents back in to Apple Canyon. A few people have gone ahead to check it, see what the air quality is like etc. We may all be returning today and it is quite possible we...

  • Fire

    Yokoji has been evacuated due to a forest fire that spread from Mountain Center by HWY 74 and 243. We had time to get things together and all the residents and the animals are out safely. We...

  • Independence Day

    Yesterday we, along with the rest of the country, celebrated the 4th of July. I’ve never been a big fan of national holidays, primarily because I ‘ve never had a job where I got time off. Having...