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  • After the Storm

    Over the weekend, we experienced the heaviest rain fall since the storm that followed the fire. In fact, Tenshin Roshi who was present for part of the storm thought it was some of the heaviest rain he has ever seen at Mountain Center. The good news: we incurred almost no damage.

  • Sunday Schedule Cancelled

    The program at Yokoji is cancelled for Sunday August 25th. There are flash flood warnings for our area from early Sunday morning through Monday night. They are predicting debris flow in our area...

  • Uncertainty Remains

    The report that we had hoped would be available last week from the US Forest Service has still not materialized. In fact, we are now unsure if there is even going to be the public meeting as it...

  • Post-Fire Report Postponed

    We were informed yesterday that the Forest Service report on recommendations for Apple Canyon will be finished, and the public meeting scheduled for, some time toward the end of next week. We have received some very useful information from a number of p