Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center


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  • Going Forward and a Request

    Thank you to those of you who came on Saturday to help out and those who came up on Sunday to meet and discuss the future direction of Yokoji. As an outcome of the weekend, we have decided to go...

  • Sunday Schedule Going Ahead This Week

    The storms have now passed. There was more debris flow, but no additional damage was caused. Today, we got the water back on to a few buildings, but there are multiple breaks in the line,...

  • Storms to Stop by Weekend

    The workshop now full of mud again.

    Although there was rain in the canyon yesterday, there was no noticeable difference in the mud. We were able to do more work behind the...

  • No Change

    Today the center was pretty much as we had left it—it seems the storm that hit yesterday either missed the valley or simply had little effect.

  • The Next Day

    Yesterday was bad, but today was almost unbelievable. The road is barely even recognizable as a road at this point, with channels many feet deep criss-crossing it at various points and many parts totally washed out exposing culverts and previously buried phone wires.

  • A Turn for the Worse

    Following yesterdays storm, Apple Canyon Road is closed. The whole valley is full of debris flow, the paved road only navigatable after it was cleared by Caltrans. The mile long road to the center was barely accessible this morning. Yokoji was hit harder than ever.