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  • Fall Training Period

    It’s the second week of the fall training period at Yokoji Zen mountain Center, and we’ve just completed a seven day sesshin. The word sesshin means to “Unify the Mind”. What I noticed in this...

  • Poem for Koun Taizan Maezumi Roshi by Tenshin Fletcher Roshi

    Koun Taizan

    20 years since your passing

    Mindlessly your teaching unfolds.

    Is it yours or the Ancient Buddhas?

    No need for possession or place,

    Yet when you...

  • Happy (Snowy) New Year!

    As 2014 fell away at the stroke of midnight and the time keeper for the New Year's Sesshin struck the twelfth bell and let out a jubilent cheer of "Happy New Year!", so began a new year,...

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