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  • This is Us

    Last month a lone gunman killed 50 people at 2 mosques in Christchurch (our largest city in the South Island). In New Zealand, we have always prided ourselves that these kind of things never happened in our islands—thinking, I suppose, that we had some kind of in-built egalitarian and socialist ethic which would never breed that kind of intolerance. We were wrong…..

  • News & Events | April 2019

    In recent weeks, Apple Canyon has seen the shift of seasons from winter to spring. There are signs of life all around—yellow daffodils are opening and the plum tree is in bloom. This change is quite welcome for all who live here as the winter was especially difficult this year with extensive repair work in the aftermath of the February storms. Throughout the unfolding of recent weather related challenges and the effort involved with meeting each challenge, our practice continues….