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  • Just As It Is

    Another question I’ve been asked is, “When did you start practicing Zen?” Again, I’m not really sure how to answer that. Do I date it from the time when I started reading books about Zen Buddhism and intellectually embraced the philosophy? When I started to sit in meditation and first tried to “think not-thinking?” How about when I began sitting with other people and started going through the motions? Or when I found my teacher? My first training period? Jukai? I really can’t tell you the exact date when I started to feel it in my bones and not simply think it in my brain. Is the question, “When will you stop practicing Zen?” any easier? When I die? Maybe! Again, there isn’t a clear beginning or end to this, as far as I can tell.

  • News & Events | June 2019

    With plentiful rainfall over the last few months Apple Canyon is flourishing. There are bright signs of life all around. As we go about our daily schedule immersion in residential life lends itself to a real appreciation of the natural rhythms of the valley. As the cherry blossoms bloom and fall to the ground, flowering hillsides give way to a sea of tall grass rippling in the wind. The ever-present shifting of the days and seasons mirrors the nature of our training. At this time of year we embrace a necessary shift in momentum— as Spring Training Period opens into Summer Interim Period and guest season comes to a close, our emphasis becomes the essential, daily work of maintaining the buildings and grounds.