Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center

Bell Stand

This bell stand is designed to hang a small bell for the dokusan line. The bell does not come with the stand, nor does a striker. The stand is an intricate piece of carpentry and can be made in custom sizes and finishes, depending on the size of the bell. Custom prices will vary. Approximately 24" x 24".


$450 for regular size


These clappers can be made in a variety of sizes ranging from small clappers (approx. 5" length) through to larger clappers (approx. 8" length). A variety of woods are available. Clappers are used for time keeping, oryoki and services.


$40 - $50, depending on size.

Doan Stand

A stand for the doan to place their sutra book on during service. Approximately 24" x 14" (surface) and 24" (height).




This single hako (box) is handcrafted from solid hard wood and is used ceremonially. Add powdered incense and ash of your choice. Comes with a wooden lid to protect the powdered incense from drying out. Price varies depending on materials used. Approximately 10.25” L, 5.75” W and 4.75” H.


$250 - $350

Han (wooden block)

This time keeping device is made from solid oak and comes with the ropes with which to hang and hold it. We do not sell the striker to go with the han. Approximately 15" x 12" x 2.5".


$250 - Price varies with dimensions required.

Kodai (table)

Use this table in front of the main altar to hold a hako (box). Approximately 14.5" x 10.5" (surface) and 27" (height).




A wooden scepter used by Zen teachers. Average length 12".



Kyosaku (waking stick)

The kyosaku is used in the zendo, especially during sesshin, and is carried by a monitor who strikes any one who chooses to be struck on either the shoulders or mid or lower back. The kyosaku helps relieve muscular tension and can promote wakefulness. In our tradition, it is only ever used on a participant who expressly asks for it. Approximately 30".




A lectern for dharma talks or for an Ino to use. Designed to be the correct height whilst on the cushion. Approximately 24" x 14" (surface) and 22" (height).




These shippei are hand shaped and then bound with leather and a tassle for a handle and capped with metal at the ends. Used for Shuso Hossen ceremonies. Approximately 41".




This teacher's Dharma transmission stick can be sold in various forms. Either as a cut piece of wood with no work done, or stripped of bark, or completely finished. Approximately 6'.


Cut - $40, cleaned - $80, finished - $200