Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center

Tenzo Training

For anyone who is interested in training in the kitchen alongside the tenzo (head cook), we have a program available. The aim is to give non-residents a chance to learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals so that they can then help at times when there is a high demand on the kitchen.

For those who enroll in the program, you will spend time working with our current tenzo, putting in a minimum of 40 hours. The amount of time spent working with the tenzo will be reflective of each person's skill level, as some people will need more training than others. We ask trainees to try to match their availability to occassions where we need help.

Once the basic training is completed and the tenzo feels you are ready, you can then volunteer to cook for a sesshin or workshop. The sesshin or workshop you volunteer for will not cost you anything, and then you can attend a sesshin or workshop of equal length at a later date for free.

If you are interested in the tenzo training program, please contact the office with your details.