Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center

The Ten Oxherding Pictures

A 12-part video series and 3 recorded Zoom Q&A sessions, with Tenshin Fletcher, Roshi

The path of Zen has been written about in many ways but one of the most helpful for understanding its essence is through the representation of the parable of the Ox-herding pictures. Tenshin Roshi, Abbot of Yokoji Zen Mountain Center, discusses each picture in pre-recorded videos that participants can watch as their schedule allows. This 12-part series (one video for each picture plus an introduction and conclusion) filmed at various locations around Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center features both traditional and personal views on this classic pictorial and poetic presentation of the stages of Zen training, as well as some lively storytelling by our very own master.

The series was released in late 2020 in three parts containing four videos each, with an exclusive, invitation-only Q&A by Tenshin Roshi following each release which were held in January and February 2021.

Cost for the entire 12-part series and 3 recorded Q&As (over 6.5 hours total) is $150 for non-members and $125 for members. Once purchased, the talks can be either streamed or downloaded for you to keep for posterity. All proceeds go directly to Yokoji and support our continuing operations, so we offer our thanks in advance for your contribution.