Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center


With all the buildings, vehicles, and equipment to maintain on our one hundred and sixty acre plot of land, there's a huge amount of work to be done at Yokoji.

There is always more to do—guest groups to prepare for, serve and clean up after, brush to clear, wood to stain, food to cook. This is where you can help. By volunteering at the Center, you can log your hours and use the credits to attend sesshin.

1 hour of work = 1 credit


1 day and night of sesshin

6 credits


1 day and night of sesshin

8 credits

Members can stay overnight for free if they follow the full daily schedule and non-members can stay for the discounted rate of $45 if they follow the full daily schedule. These rates are good for up to 3 nights. Beyond this, regular fees for staying at Yokoji or residential training apply.

Please email or call the office to schedule when you would like to come and work, and to find out what we need doing at that time. Please let us know, also, if you have any injuries or conditions which prevent you from doing certain types of work.