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February 02, 2011 by Guest Author

Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

I was not particularly awake, but enough so. A cigarette was all i wanted, and here now this! Not again!! Oh world, can't I even wipe the sleep from my eye before I am put to your test?  If it was the first time I wouldn't be angry. But now it's at least the third such incident.   Immediately I knew I had to take the matter into my own arms. He should have a new home; one where careless comings and goings cannot dislodge. One where those whose gaze will notice can greet a reckless smile. I don't know why I so love this object. It is just another fat belly buddha, stupidly happy and a sack of toys... treasures. I think maybe because my teacher pointed him out one day, and I had never before noticed.  And I realized all that I had not noticed.  And I resolved to notice all of the objects, that I could notice, and love them as a beauty that only a lifeless object can claim. For they might not be dead tomorrow; nor kicked over by a sleeping boot.  Surely I would miss and regret all that I did not notice then while they were such. As such how could I notice them now?

No, I know he won't last forever, but for now another superglue will do the trick.   At least today I will notice.


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