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A nice summerday at Yokoji

June 05, 2011 by Guest Author

Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

A nice summerday at Yokoji

This weekend we are hosting a Yoga group and Christ, Jean, Bill and Elaine came to help out with the work. It's great to have you Sangha members from the 'outside world' contribute in this way. Not only do we get to know each other better and do we have the opportunity to learn from each other, but also is Yokoji helped in sustaining a living and thus do you help to keep this center available for all of us to practice. Thank you!

'The guys' are remodeling Roshi's deck and they all seem to enjoy it.  As they are enjoying lunch outside on this beautiful summer day. The atmosphere is our group is lovely I must say. There is a lot of willingness to support each other and a maturity in approaching difficult things with each other. At least that's my prospective. I think that's one of the beauties and strength of Sangha: we grow up and mature together. It's a beautiful process!

And our youngest Sangha member, Nicholas likes this as well and enjoyed today hanging out with us:

Next weekend we are hosting another Yoga group. If you you would like to contribute by giving some of your time and thus helping us out, please contact the office! We, I, would love to see and work with you!

Hope to see you soon!


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