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Storm Damage Update

February 18, 2019 by Kojin Heath

Kojin Heath Rev. Kojin kojin-heath Heath
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

Storm Damage Update

As some of you may know, a devastating storm moved through much of California over this last week. Yokoji saw unprecedented, sustained and heavy rain—up to 9 inches over the course 36 hours. Coupled with snow melt from higher elevations, this caused torrential water flow to erode essential areas of our grounds and access road.

We are encouraged that the preventative work done over the last 5 years to divert water flow and prevent flash floods was successful, and the buildings are safe from flooding and major water damage. However, the sustained force of the water moving through the creek that runs through the Center caused serious erosion that exposed our gas, septic, water and power lines in several places. The force of the water also created a chasm over 12 feet deep near our solar panels, and it is currently threatening their foundations. The dirt road leading to the Center is impassable in several areas, and is in need of repairs from heavy machinery before cars can get in and out of the Center.

All residents at Yokoji are safe, and have been working diligently with Tenshin Roshi over the last three days to repair what they can. However, we will need the help of local resources, including heavy equipment and skilled workers, and dirt and gravel to reinforce the roads. At this point, we cannot give an accurate estimate of what these repairs will cost. What is most needed right now is a cushion of cash flow so that we can make these vital repairs to Yokoji’s grounds, protect our solar panels, and make travel in and out of the Center possible.

We are calling upon you once again—our community, members, and sangha—to provide whatever financial support you can so that we can make these significant repairs. This will also allow us to assess weak points in our road and the Center’s physical infrastructure, allowing us to continue to build preventative measures and minimize destructive erosion in the future. We ask that you give only what you can, and know that your generous dana will help make it possible for us to make these essential repairs and continue serving all those seeking a refuge for meditation and Zen practice. Please make a donation and show your support.

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