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News & Events | May 2019

May 03, 2019 by kojin-heath

Kojin Heath Rev. Kojin kojin-heath Heath
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

News & Events | May 2019

Life at Yokoji has settled into the rhythm of Spring Training Period. Apple Canyon shows welcome signs of emergent spring as winter retreats. The blossoms on the apple tree outside the office are in full bloom, and every morning as residents gather for their morning work practice, the sun crests the eastern mountains and bathes the flowers in brilliant light. As the flowers find full expression, fresh appreciation for them arises, evoking the reminder that beauty is ever present asking only to be noticed and appreciated.

This sense of appreciation deepens as Training Period at Yokoji continues. The major repairs from the February storms have been addressed, and as residents intensify their formal Zen training, the preciousness of Yokoji, and the impermanence of what is around us, is especially apparent. It is a rare thing to have an authentic Zen training center such as this—a place where Sangha can come together, with skilled teachers to guide us to our own awakening and realization of the beauty in our own lives. It is a resource that is open to anyone that wishes to use it. Please join us as we continue practicing during this Training Period, coming together as a community to enliven and strengthen Yokoji as it continues into the years ahead.

This past month, a small group of about 8 residents held a 7-day sesshin in the Buddha Hall, sitting alongside a visiting Rinzai Zen guest group that was hosted in the Zendo. It was an intimate setting. During work practice our small residential body focused on taking care of and supporting the needs of the guest group. Every resident contributed to the running of the sesshin, supporting this powerful container for self-discovery. It was a wonderful conduit through which to realize that each one of us receives from this practice exactly what we put in. You are warmly invited to visit and participate in whatever way you can as this year unfolds.

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