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News & Events | December 2019

December 07, 2019 by Jack Morrow

Jack Morrow Rev. Jack jack-morrow Morrow
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

News & Events | December 2019

The beginning of this holiday season brought freezing temperatures and heavy snow to Yokoji. Nestled in wintery Apple Canyon a profound stillness has settled over the grounds. As local communities deal with the loss of electricity and closed roads, we are grateful to be powered by our off-grid solar array—though we are “snowed-in” for the time being, we have been able to maintain power throughout the winter storm.

All present with us at Yokoji enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. The new tractor is fitted with a snow plow attachment and Roshi began the efforts of clearing the snow after the Thanksgiving meal. The following morning we gathered to clear snow from the solar panels and approaches to the occupied buildings. Morning work period also involved clearing the road of several tree limbs which broke under the weight of nearly two feet of accumulated snow.

We are now in the winter interim season. The interim period at the Center is a time when our focus turns from an emphasis on seated zazen to an adaptable focus on whatever needs to be taken care of with the utilities, buildings, and grounds all requiring constant attention and maintenance.

Our annual fall fundraiser is now underway. Once again we are asking for your generous support to ensure that we stay open and fully operational. It has been a successful year so far with much achieved. Now, as we move toward the turn of the year, please donate as you are able. The long tradition of Zen Buddhism currently rests in the hands of those alive today. Together we can make sure it is passed on to future generations.

Looking ahead, please feel encouraged to visit Yokoji whenever you can. Innumerable people have benefited from engaging and practicing here. Much work has been done over these many years to create the perfect container for formal Zen practice. Our strong, dedicated practice continues year-round, whatever the weather. Wherever you are in the world, please take good care of yourself and others.

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