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News & Events | November 2019

December 07, 2019 by Jack Morrow

Jack Morrow Rev. Jack jack-morrow Morrow
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

News & Events | November 2019

It feels amazing that we are now approaching the end of our Fall training period. We have enjoyed welcoming our regular guest groups to Yokoji as they are more like old friends than visitors. Although our core residential group is relatively small, we have benefitted from members offering to come up and help out during this busy time. This is always greatly appreciated as it is both enjoyable to have regular contact with our Sangha members and we can always use a little extra help.

Fall is definitely upon us and the temperatures have cooled as well as the days becoming more windy. As we move into November, we continue to host our sesshins and guest groups with our international status being enhanced by residents from Sweden, Poland, Canada, the UK and of course, the US. The Center continues to thrive as members spare what time they can to come up and help out for a while.

Our deer population appears to have multiplied as well. Perhaps they have migrated up to Yokoji because they have sensed the hunting season and know they are safe here. We see dozens of deer of varying ages and they are tame enough for us to get quite close to them. The rest of our vibrant wildlife continues to flourish in our unique environment and the changes that Fall brings remind us of the essential truth of impermanence.

There is still room on our Rohatsu Sesshin, for those still considering attending. This is our most important sesshin as it commemorates Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment and is often a strong and rewarding sesshin. Do try to come up and join us, even if you cannot commit to the whole week . Zen Centers such as Yokoji maintain a traditional, authentic training path which has been shown over many years to be an effective way to awaken to our original nature. Please participate as you can. We are all in this together.

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