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News & Events | February 2020

February 14, 2020 by Jack Morrow

Jack Morrow Rev. Jack jack-morrow Morrow
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

News & Events | February 2020

As we enter the month of February, we remember the extensive impact of the storms of last winter season and the resulting work. So far, 2020 has blessed us with manageable weather. We have largely completed the work on the ford and the gully and are thankful to Tenshin Roshi for his leadership with this project and to all who have contributed. The work nearing completion gives us greater confidence that we can withstand weather events at the level of the torrential downpours of last winter.

Led by Chigen Bartholomew Sensei, Beginner’s Mind Sesshin at the conclusion of January was well attended. Residents and guests made the most of the valuable opportunity amidst the peace and solitude of the San Jacinto Mountains. A positive experience for all, it was wonderful to welcome new and familiar faces to the Center.

Winter Interim Period continues and our unique wilderness environment serves as a constant reminder of the impermanent nature of all things; no two days, two hours, or even two minutes are the same, and the confluence of our exposure to the natural world and immersion in a formal practice setting makes this particularly salient. We continue to be grateful for our wonderful members who volunteer their time and energy. Over the course of the last year, Galen Seido Parker has been a true asset, consistently showing up and helping out. For anyone who might like to contribute in this way, our volunteer program is a great way to become engaged in the work of the Center.

Our members continue to support us whether it is through work practice, gathering to sit, or making a monetary donation We are truly grateful for the generosity and support of all who enable us to keep our doors open all year round.

This Spring Training Period, resident Jack Kugaku Morrow will be serving as Head Trainee. All are welcome to take part in the schedule and events. Please consider renewing your commitment to practice, both individually and as a collective. Join in and demonstrate your support for Yokoji and for the path of formal training in this rare and transformative setting.


  • Genku:

    03 Mar 2020 08:55:00

    May Jack be serene in this challenging practice, and may all beings benefit from this practice period!

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