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News & Events | March 2020

March 04, 2020 by Jack Morrow

Jack Morrow Rev. Jack jack-morrow Morrow
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

News & Events | March 2020

In the Shobogenzo or Treasury of the True Dharma Eye, Master Dogen expresses a timeless understanding. He writes, “Mountains and waters right now are the actualization of the ancient Buddha-Way.’ Here in the mountains of Southern California, this realization is brought home to us continuously. The rain, snow, and high winds of February and our intimate immersion in the natural world of canyon, sky, and peaks support dwelling in presence and the actualization of our life itself through open connection to what is here, now.

Center residents are now preparing for Spring Training period which begins on March 8th with the Spring Training Period Entering Ceremony followed by a 7-day Sesshin. Sesshin gives us the wonderful opportunity to enter into practice with as few distractions as possible. It is also a great opportunity to gather with fellow practitioners and old friends with the intention of supporting one another in practice.

The daily challenges continue but we welcome challenge as it forms the very basis of practice. Ideally, we meet each moment awake and aware, in accord with our environment. Master Dogen reminds us: “Because mountains are high and broad, the way of riding the clouds is always reached in the mountains; the inconceivable power of soaring in the wind comes freely from the mountains.”

Several of our members join us regularly to volunteer, sit, and generally support Yokoji. Details on how to do this are available on our website. Extra help is always truly appreciated. The invitation is always an open one. Come up and join us for a sesshin or just a couple of days. We hope to be able to welcome you back soon.

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