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Way of Realization, by Tenshin Roshi

September 03, 2020 by Yokoji Admin

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Way of Realization, by Tenshin Roshi

Way of Realization

by Charles Tenshin Fletcher

The experience of ordinary mind is like this.
All aspects of life are inclusive, there is no place in this mind unreached.
As one cannot escape this mind, the thought of escape is delusion itself.
The mind is intrinsically universal and encompassing, why look for something else?
Even the senses, their subject and object, have no seam,
through study it is realized.
No lines can be drawn
not even between senses,
one sees and hears simultaneously.
This multifaceted consciousness flows endlessly,
unhindered by reflection.
Realization is like this,
no doubt, no need to attach meaning or even direction.
Being confused about this, we look all over for answers
that appear through direct experience.
Once all maneuvering ceases
this truth is revealed,
there is nowhere else to go.
Even fear and suffering are, experientially, instruments for change.
Difficulties and challenges
merely part of mastery.
Don’t look at cause and effect as reward and punishment,
rather if you take care of this, you can take care of any future circumstance.
The reward is in the living and the doing.
Success and failure are narratives around this.
If you wish to attain freedom, practice without delay,
wherever you stand.
Your own mind is no hindrance,
See how it works and use the ingredients for the greater good.
The five aggregates are how we learn and are empty, they are not fixed and are flexible.
Embodiment is their goal.
With regard to reality, don’t try to fix it,
rather let its great teaching unfold.
Wherever you are is the Pure Land,
but do not let your view of purity spoil this.
Being unfixed all states are in realization.
Connection apparent, identity action
is as natural as one foot following the other.
In this case, good deeds do not arise from social convention but from the heart.
Being in this together, liberation occurs mutually,
there is no privileged caste.
In terms of effort,
exhaust it all, until there is no point,
nowhere else to be.
The universal storehouse is open.
Please don’t just wait by the door, looking in.

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