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Jokai Blackwell Sensei

Vice Abbot

Jokai Sensei began studying Zen Buddhism in England in 1998, becoming a formal student of Tenshin Fletcher, Roshi in 1999. He was a resident of Yokoji from Spring 2000 until Winter 2004, during which time he completed his term as Shuso (head trainee). After four years living and working in Los Angeles, Jokai Sensei returned to full-time study at Yokoji. He received Tokudo (priest ordination) in 2010 and completed koan study in 2013. Jokai Sensei continues his studies under the guidance of Tenshin Fletcher, Roshi

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Jim Yugen Lakey


Yugen started practicing Zen in Liverpool in 2005 with David Keizan Scott Sensei. In February 2008, Yugen moved to California to train with Tensin Roshi at Yokoji. Having trained in the UK as a vegetarian cook, Yugen started out as the tenzo, or head cook, at Yokoji before moving over to administrative duties in 2009. In 2010, Yugen received tokudo (priest ordination) and later that year completed his shuso training. Yugen completed koan study in 2014.

Yugen also co-owns a small web design studio, Apple Canyon Designs.

Recent Posts by Yugen

  • Walk for Yokoji

    Yokoji Zen Mountain Center continues to upgrade its facilities in the post-flood years after the 2013 fire. At this time, one of the water tanks has been decommissioned due to leaks and the other one is nearing the end of its life. Yokoji needs to replace both, at a cost of approximately $10,000.

  • Happy (Snowy) New Year!

    <p>As 2014 fell away at the stroke of midnight and the time keeper for the New Year's Sesshin...</p>

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