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Move Over Summer - Fall is Here.

September 23, 2010 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

Move Over Summer - Fall is Here.

We have had few nights in the last month where the temperature would suddenly plummet during the night, going from a daytime 70-80ºF to a cold somewhere-in-the-50sºF kind of a feel. Summer however, seemed to pick itself up, dust itself off and get back on its feet with consistently warm weather. As of last night, however, I think that Fall is here to stay. Even with the sun shining outside, it is still a bit nippy and there is a cool wind blowing. However, having said that, Southern California seems to be pretty cheerful all year round weather wise, with the blue skies and sun never too far away, so next week it could be back to shorts and flip-flops.

We have a large guest group arriving this weekend, with 43 people due to arrive on Friday afternoon. We have a few volunteers lined up and the possibility of a few more, which is great as Jishin will certainly need some help in the kitchen. One job that we have been attacking in stages is the zendo windows. There are the windows of the zendo itself and then another set on the walkway around the zendo. This boils down to a lot of glass to clean. Thankfully with the window washing supplies that Zenkei donated, the outside windows won't require rickety ladders propped up on uneven rocks and clumps of dirt. Some of the guys were working on the retaining wall again at Roshi's house - a project that has to be done before the weather gets too bad, so takes priority when there is nothing critical to get done. We had a delivery of diesel today which we run both the tractor and the generator on. We have propane and diesel delivered - the propane always seems to cost a fortune and never lasts as long as we hope, but the diesel at least seems like value for money, powering some heavy duty machines for months with the 100 gallons or so we get delivered. Financially and ecologically, being dependent on fossil fuels is not great, so in the next year or two we hope to increase our renewable sources for power and we have already switched to wood burning stoves around the Center where possible, thereby using a resource that we have for free and plenty of.

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