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New Bloggers On the Horizon

December 10, 2010 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

New Bloggers On the Horizon

The egg trailer—former accommodation and current eyesore. A farm in Long Beach wants to take it to use for a chicken coop!

There will be two new bloggers appearing on this page in the next few weeks. Suiryu and Jishin have both agreed to join in with the Yokoji blogging on a regular basis and I'm hoping to get a few more folks involved too. It was brought to my attention at the weekend that the title of the blog is currently misleading as up until now it has been my sole ramblings on various aspects of life at the Center. Obviously there is no 'official' voice of Yokoji and anything I have written is from my point of view and I apologize if this was not clear. The plan from the start was to have a few different voices chiming in on the blog to build a rounder picture of life up here, so the comment at the weekend functioned as a reminder for me to get this going. I'm working on how to make it clear who is writing at which point. So far I've made the authors name below the title of the blog larger and I'm trying to figure out how to get a little photo in there so you can visually see who is writing the entry. Until I figure this out, please read the name of the author below the title of the post to prevent confusion!

Yesterday we had Dave Vasilis come up, the mobile mechanic who has been working on the Center vehicles and miscellaneous mechanical stuff for many years. I'm very glad he did as he managed to the tractor back together and back on the road. He was scheduled to come and look at a few of the other vehicles, but as his arrival coincided with the arrival of the tool that I ordered and waited many days to arrive, I figured it would be best for a professional to give it a look. The tool fitted the part (a large nut) perfectly, but it did not, however, fit in to the space that it needed to in order to tighten it up. Dave had an alternative way of tightening the nut which was a huge relief for me as if I had tried by myself, having waited 2 weeks for the parts and tool to arrive, I think I would have been tearing my hair out, or what is left of it. The tractor is working again now, but there is still a small leak, but Dave is back tomorrow so hopefully he'll know what is up with it.

Jishin is back from her vacation. Graham is leaving on Sunday for a week or so and Suiryu and Judy are heading off around the same time to visit family, so this month up until Christmas would be a great time to volunteer if any one has the time. The information on helping out at the Center, for anyone who hasn't come across it is at www.zmc.org/volunteer. We have a system which some people like to use whereby you can build up credits through hours spent volunteering to redeem against sesshin at a later date, reducing or eliminating the cost.


  • Bob:

    10 Dec 2010 03:09:19

    Awesome! I hope it works out and that the DMV doesn’t give them any guff when they register it.

  • Bob:

    10 Dec 2010 03:10:35

    Talking about the Egg and co-op coop! :)

  • Ingeborg Buzan Prochazka:

    10 Dec 2010 03:37:53

    I might have slept in there, a long time ago!

  • Kaisho Zenone:

    10 Dec 2010 04:27:59

    Spooky dreams in egg;
    now beautiful memories.
    Folly, I know thee.

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