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The Long and Rut-Filled Road

December 04, 2010 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

The Long and Rut-Filled Road

No spreadsheet too large or data entry task too complicated for Graham, the new office trainee.

Roshi and I went down to visit our neighbors today, the Tylers, who own most of the land on the right hand side of the road as you are driving up to the Center. We had a simple request - would it be possible to dig a 6ft wide channel along the side of the road on their property? The point of such a venture being to prevent water from coming on to our road a well as allowing water to drain off once it is on the road. The property in question is part of the canyon over which rain and melted snow will run in a gravity-based urge to reach the bottom of the valley. Our road is across the path of this water and although we have one culvert in place to redirect the run off to the Seventh Day Adventist's property (with both permission and purpose built drainage on their side, of course), there is a lot of water that does not reach this culvert. The idea is to put in a drainage channel which will direct all water that is running down the valley through the culvert (which we may need to provide with a twin to handle increased flow) and keep our road free from more water than it can reasonably handle. This along with all the other road maintenance we have planned for the winter means a lot of work, but hopefully it will pay off in a road that in the long run is less work to maintain and less prone to ruination as the weather moves in.

After visiting the neighbors, we drove to the post office to pick up the tool I need to get the tractor axle back together. Unfortunately we both forgot that although the post office staff are there in the morning to put out mail, and receive phone calls about eagerly anticipated packages, they will not open the window to give you said package. Next week it is then. It was a blessing in disguise that the tool ran late as I got a bunch of things done this week that would have ended up being put off (the fund raiser, finishing and posting video, lots of little jobs that have been accumulating on my to do list) so now I can get my teeth in to the road project next week without a bunch of other jobs vying for my attention.

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