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Many Hands Make Light Work

May 08, 2011 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

Many Hands Make Light Work

There is a lot happening at Yokoji at the moment. We've got people coming and going, events springing up one after another  (in a good, we-are-running-a-busy-temple kind of a way as opposed to a train-out-of-control-with-possible-wreck-ahead kind of a way). We've got a 35 strong guest group up this weekend and the Introduction to Zen Practice class took place today. Preparations are already underway for next week when we have another 32 coming in for the White Plum Asanga meeting followed immediately by the final 7-day sesshin of the Training Period and then Jishin's Dharma Combat ceremony. Tomorrow we have the Buddha's Birthday service in the morning, and then we are expecting a new resident to arrive, and then on Monday I'm picking up Keizan Sensei and two of his students from the airport who will be with us for a few weeks, and then a visiting Japanese monk arrives for a month on Tuesday, and then all the White Plum teachers, volunteers and sesshin participants will start trickling in after that. It is a lot of work for everyone, but as usual when things get busy, there is a great feeling of camaraderie amongst the residents and volunteers which really glues us all together. Community living can be tough at times but the rewards are uniquely great.

It is starting to get hot. All bets about the numerous snow falls we would get before the end of the season are starting to look pretty doomed. Mother's Day is often a rough cut off point between possible snow and unlikely snow, so after Sunday the chances of snow before next winter start to dwindle rapidly. The lupins are starting to flower now and there are small lilac butterflies all over them. The rattle snakes are definitely out of hibernation - I've seen three this week, all large adults. Watch out, folks!

Jean Yuho Ford helping Jishin out in the kitchen today


  • Doetsu:

    08 May 2011 15:22:32

    Busy times like this do bring challenges, but I think it’s those challenges that knit a community more tightly together. I’ll be there Wednesday and John and I will both be there next weekend to give a hand. Have a Happy-Birthday-Buddha celebration today.

    Oh yes, please get rid of the rattlesnakes before my arrival. Thank you very much.

    Love to you all,

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