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Dharma Combat

May 11, 2012 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

Kokai's Dharma combat ceremony is coming up this Sunday, May 13th, at 11am. Please come along and support him (try and be in the zendo by 10:45am) and feel free to ask a question during the dharma combat. Kokai has been working on the koan, 'Shinzan Questions the Nature of Life'. The pointer, case and appreciatory verse appear below. Please read it through and if any questions arise for you, sign up on Sunday (the sign-up sheet will be in the dining hall) to ask your question.

Preface to the Assembly

One who hears of the elephant's crossing the river is still affected by the current. One who hears the nature of life is unborn is still held back by life. If one argues about bamboo shoots and braided bamboo twine in terms of before and after samadhi, the sword will be long gone. Then indeed, one has notched the boat. If one kicks out the wheel of activity, how can one in particular proceed down the one road? Please try to let me discuss it and let’s see.

 Main Case

Attention! Priest Shinzan questioned Priest Shuzan, saying, “Knowing clearly that life has the nature of being unborn, why is one held back by life?” Shuzan said, “The bamboo shoot eventually becomes a bamboo. Right now, as bamboo sheath can you use it instead?” Shinzan replied, “You will be enlightened by yourself later on." Shuzan said, “I am just like this. What's your meaning, Joza?” Shinzan remarked, “This is the administrator’s quarters, that is the cook’s quarters.” At that Shuzan bowed low.

Appreciatory Verse

Vastly clear, attachments left behind. Elevated calm, unfettered. Peaceful home–rare the person who arrives; Minor ability–the level is discerned. Capacious body and mind goes beyond right and wrong. Right and wrong gone beyond. Alone he stands everywhere, leaving no tracks.

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