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Dharma Combat

November 09, 2012 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

A reminder that this Sunday at Yokoji, Jean Yuho Ford will engage in Dharma Combat with the assembly. That's you guys. Please come along to support Yuho and the other trainees by taking part in this rich and elaborate ceremony. You can attend without asking a question, but feel encouraged to sign up (there is a form in the dining hall) and ask your question. The koan that Yuho will be talking on follows. You can use the preface, main case or appreciatory verse as a basis for your question. Use something that genuinely strikes you in the koan, something that you would like to hear answered or spoken about. The ceremony starts at 11am, so please be here for 10:30am at the latest. See you Sunday!

CASE 94 of the Book of Equanimity TOZAN’S ILLNESS

Preface to the Assembly The inferior don’t criticize the superior; the mean don’t move the noble. Although one has good self-control and follows others, a non-entity shouldn’t make work for the notable. When the four elements are maladjusted, how should they be cared for?

Main Case Attention! Tozan was ill; a monk asked, “Osho, you’re sick. Isn’t there someone not sick?” Tozan answered, “Yes, there is.” The monk asked, ”Doesn’t the one who isn’t sick look after you?” Tozan replied, “This old monk is able to look after others.” The monk asked, “Osho, how about when you look after others?” Tozan said, “Then the having of sickness is not seen.”

Appreciatory Verse Sloughing off a stinking skin bag; turning around a red ball of flesh. Before you the nose is straight; right now the skull is dried. The old doctor doesn’t see previous ailments; The little one’s seen but is difficult to approach. When the fields’ water drains, autumn’s wet recedes; Where the white clouds dissipate, the old mountain is chill. Stop and eradicate; don’t deceive and cheat. Using non-accomplishment inexhaustibly, he gains the rank– Exalted tree-top! You’re not in the same class.

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