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February 20, 2013 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

New Shiny Blog

Can you spot the car?

Last night we got some serious snow. This winter so far has been marked by a lack of any heavy rain or snow. While making our work lives easier, it is not good news for the water levels in the valley when we get so little water coming on down in whatever form it may take. We got somewhere between 6 - 12" overnight. It's kind of hard to say exactly how much as it drifts with the wind, but suffice to say, when I was walking around this morning doing a bit of snow shovelling, solar panel brushing-off and other general post-snow activities, I was sometimes up to my knees when wading through the deeper parts. It looks like we may get a little more snow tomorrow but the forecast is only for 20% chance of light showers. Hakujo plowed the roads today and the paths are cleared and the Center is currently accesible, so it should be fine for this Sunday. We'll post on the website and Facebook if the road is particularly muddy or otherwise troublesome.

We are currently down to a few residents: Jokai, Hakujo, Kate, Rinsho and myself. We've got a few residents coming in this week for the upcoming training period which starts in what seems like an impossibly close 11 days. The training period will have a slightly different flavor than usual. Instead of having one head trainee for the duration, we have three practice leaders, taking a month each to lead. First up is Susan, followed by Hakujo and then Kate will finish up. There will not be a dharma combat ceremony at the end of training period, but please come up to support these guys and all the other trainees when and where you can.

My goal for the rapidly vanishing winter interim period was to get the redesign of zmc.org finished, including the redesign of this blog. I'm happy to say that the mission has been accomplished. This is the first post on the new format blog, which went live on Sunday night. All the old posts and comments are still in place, I just moved the blog from Wordpress (the defacto blogging software for most citizens of the www) to Perch, which is the software that powers other parts of zmc.org, like the gallery and events pages. Perch basically allows whoever works in the office to login and add events and pictures and other such things with out having to get bogged down in complex code. It is great software and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in building websites. The new blog, like the rest of zmc.org is built to be "device agnostic", that is, it works just fine on any device, be it a smart phone, tablet, laptop or whatever new-fangled device they bring out next week. Hopefully. If you notice the site not working so well on any platform or browser, please do let me know at zmc@zmc.org as it really helps. I only have access to a few devices, so I don't know how the site is on the majority of phones and tablets, for instance. The site should even still work well with the golden oldies: Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. I have a bit more work to do on the "rent" page, and then I'll be moving on to the online store, which is a project that's been brewing for quite some time now. It is fairly complicated to put this together in a way that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the site, so it will most likely take me a good few months to get something that is sufficiently awesome. We've got some really nice items we want to sell so I'm very excited about starting the project. Watch this space!


  • Khembottra Oum:

    21 Feb 2013 01:44:19

    Good job Yugen. See you soon. <3

  • Ingeborg Buzan Prochazka:

    21 Feb 2013 03:39:55

    Nicely said. One of these days I shall visit ZMC again, and meet you.

  • galen:

    21 Feb 2013 04:00:27

    Looks great.

  • Jim:

    21 Feb 2013 05:11:06

    Thanks guys!

  • gerhard ryu ko nicklas:

    21 Feb 2013 05:37:40

    Nice work yugen!

  • Patrick Nitch:

    21 Feb 2013 06:00:11

    I am so impressed by the site and your post has been truly helpful, as I am one of the new residents arriving this week! In fact, I am about to go to bed for a long drive from Sacramento to arrive at Yokoji tomorrow. See you all soon!

  • Jim Swyler:

    21 Feb 2013 17:06:04

    Jim the blog is sensational! Very easy on the eyes and easy to use. Usually one gets snowed in but in our case we’ve been snowed out! Such a beautiful sight though

  • Tulie M Smith:

    24 Feb 2013 09:42:06

    hi Jim – looks really gr8 – well done on all your hard work:) talking of snow, I was reading about how they tackle snow in japan…. http://antaiji.dogen-zen.de/eng/index.shtml

    ps; we’ve only had a few flurries here in uk, but still bloomin’ cold! give my regards to Roshi,
    best wishes,

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