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A Day of Zen Practice

April 21, 2013 by Jokai

David Blackwell Rev. David Jokai Blackwell
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

Spring is in full flow here at the Center. It’s quite an easy transition to say goodbye - at least for now - to the snow and its attendant difficulties. Migrant birds are returning to the canyon and it’s still light out when we make our way to the Buddha Hall for evening Zazen.

Yesterday we held our first Day of Zen Practice at Yokoji. Sixteen participants joined us for a full day of sitting, dharma talk, work practice and everything in between. In the early planning stage when we were discussing the title for this new program we felt it was important to call it a “Day of Zen Practice” rather than a “Day of Zen”. After all, every day is a day of Zen, but to realize that we have to practice it.

Spring Training continues with the final Sesshin scheduled for May 12th – May 19th. Please join us for all or any part of that if possible.

Yesterday in the Day of Zen Practice class, we discussed Master Dogen’s text Bendowa which translates to On the Endeavor of the Way. It struck me that indeed; this practice of our life contains an aspect of endeavoring. We have to take the forward step to sit Zazen in order to take the backward step to illuminate the self.



  • Gordon Scheible:

    24 Apr 2013 09:51:17

    As one who attended this wonderful and inspiring day, I would encourage others to share in this exquisite taste of Zen practice. Unlike the previous design of this day, this was an experiential day, albeit in a condensed form, of living Zen as it is meant to be. Through meditation, work, silence, teaching and community, a framework of positive living is provided which can assist in the process of self-realization and being at peace with oneself and the world. My participation has motivated me to continue my practice, which is a work in process, and maintain my connection to this community of dedicated practitioners of this age old tradition, which is truly as modern as it is old. I must add a Gassho to the Tenzo for delicious and well prepared vegetarian cuisine. Thank you for your presence and all your efforts to preserve the teachings and truth of the Buddha Way.

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