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September 07, 2013 by Yugen

Jim Lakey Rev. Jim Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

Today we went back in, pulled some more possessions from the center and did a little preventative work behind the Buddha Hall. The center was pretty much as we had left it—it seems the storm that hit yesterday either missed the valley or simply had little effect. We left before midday today as the clouds rolled in, so we will try and go in tomorrow and do what we can.

Thank you for all the offers for help over the weekend, but right now, we only want a few people up there who know the center well. Having more folks would be too much of a liability. We are only going in for a few hours and leaving as the weather approaches. We don't want to take risks with people's lives. Thank you to Chigen and Dan who were able to help out today with their 4WD vehicles.

We'll post news as it comes in.


  • Doetsu:

    07 Sep 2013 16:47:55

    If you can use my Jeep, I can bring it up to you to go up there. I’m not much good at carrying a lot of stuff because of my back, but I can let you use the Jeep. We have off-road tires and it should make it up that road as well as any other 4W vehicle. John has to work tomorrow or else he could bring it up himself. Call me at (951) 205-9651 if you want to borrow it.
    Ilene Van Gossen

  • Terry and Penny:

    07 Sep 2013 19:19:48

    Thanks for keeping us updated. We deeply appreciated it.

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