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Walking the Grounds Video

October 06, 2013 by Yugen Lakey

Yugen Lakey Rev. Yugen Yugen Lakey
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

We put together a 15 minute video this week of Tenshin Roshi walking around the grounds of Yokoji showing the damage that has been done, what we've done so far to prepare for the winter and we still plan to do.


  • Alston:

    06 Oct 2013 16:46:51

    thanks for doing the vid – very enlightening! my heart breaks for good and faithful cabin 1.

    Words are easy, like the wind;
    Faithful friends are hard to find.

  • Eishu:

    06 Oct 2013 23:58:06

    Thank you for the video; it puts some perspective on the condition of ZMC for me.

  • Henrike Jishin:

    09 Oct 2013 07:51:52

    Thank you. Thank you for all the info that’s given on such a regular basis. Like Eishu said: it gives perspective. On all that you have to do to save the center and the grounds, but also on the black and grey damage of the surrounding nature.

    I’m curious what it will lead to as it feels so symbolic for the current time of age: things are moving and changing in such a fast and unpredictable way and I’m convinced they will lead to ‘new’. Old needs to disappear in order for a new world to appear. Exciting as well for Yokoji and the practice I think. What will the ‘new’ Yokoji look like?

    Anyways, thanks for keeping us updated! And I wish you good luck and lots of wisdom with all that’s on your plate. Lots of love for all of you! Henrike

  • Deanne Larsen:

    09 Oct 2013 20:25:38

    Thank you for this video. I am thinking of all of you today in this storm. Be safe.
    Check is in the mail.

    Deanne Shinzan Larsen

  • Bill Butler:

    10 Oct 2013 17:54:09

    Brilliant video. Thanks Tenshin and Jim.

  • Ken Erickson:

    11 Oct 2013 12:19:20

    Sure do appreciate that video. Thanks, Tenshin et al.

  • Kevin M Lewis:

    28 Oct 2013 14:59:45

    I would very much like to volunteer my skills as a tradesman to help with
    the re-creation of a beautiful and peaceful place.

  • Yugen:

    28 Oct 2013 15:42:27

    Kevin—Thank you! Please contact the office (see contact info in website footer) for details about helping out.

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