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News & Events | June 2019

June 12, 2019 by Kojin Heath

Kojin Heath Rev. Kojin kojin-heath Heath
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

News & Events | June 2019

With plentiful rainfall over the last few months Apple Canyon is flourishing. There are bright signs of life all around. As we go about our daily schedule immersion in residential life lends itself to a real appreciation of the natural rhythms of the valley. As the cherry blossoms bloom and fall to the ground, flowering hillsides give way to a sea of tall grass rippling in the wind. The ever-present shifting of the days and seasons mirrors the nature of our training. At this time of year we embrace a necessary shift in momentum— as Spring Training Period opens into Summer Interim Period and guest season comes to a close, our emphasis becomes the essential, daily work of maintaining the buildings and grounds. This work always involves key maintenance projects to preserve the Center.

This June it is our honor to host the annual White Plum Asanga meeting at Yokoji. We are delighted to facilitate this gathering of teachers in the lineage of Yokoji’s founder, Maezumi Roshi. This coming together of Zen family from around the world is a treasured opportunity to celebrate the beauty and diversity of dharma, and the flowering of the tradition in its alive expression as our world today. As we remember and appreciate those who have come before us, we welcome the teachers from within our lineage family to Apple Canyon.

We are so thankful for the contributions and efforts of our members, supporters, and residents. Our presence as a service-oriented community depends upon your generosity, care, time, and talents. Please consider making a monetary contribution to our Spring Fundraiser. In doing so, you make possible the important work of spiritual inquiry and maintain this irreplaceable Center for practice. Currently, the Kubota tractor which has served Yokoji for over 30 years through fires, storms, floods, and the daily maintenance of the grounds, is nearing the end of its useful life. Please help us meet our fundraising goal to purchase a new tractor. If your financial situation is limited, please consider volunteering your time and energy at the Center. Click here to donate.

We wish you all a joyful and fruitful June and extend an open invitation to practice wherever you find yourself.

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