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  • Storm Damage Update

    As some of you may know, a devastating storm moved through much of California over this last week. Yokoji saw unprecedented, sustained and heavy rain—up to 9 inches over the course 36 hours. Coupled with snow melt from higher elevations, this caused torrential water flow to erode essential areas of our grounds and access road…..

  • News & Events | February 2019

    In the midst of winter and the quieter interim period, life at Yokoji continues to change and evolve—sometimes the shifts are subtle, and sometimes more pronounced. Even in the heart of winter, when the land is dormant and the nights are long, an abundance of growth and energy just beneath the surface of the natural world lends its pulse to the unfolding of this season…..

  • News & Events | January 2019

    Happy New Year! During our annual New Year’s Sesshin, participants filled the Buddha Hall, sitting in quiet celebration of life itself. Touched by the beauty of light snowfall in our canyon and warmed by the crackling fire from the wood stove, with concentration and stillness in body and mind, all embraced the mysterious turning of time, sitting zazen as midnight approached…..

  • From the Kitchen: Vegan Creamy Cauliflower and Leek Soup

    Cauliflower’s distinct fractal dimension has been noticed by mathematicians. Cauliflower, a nutritional powerhouse, is a variety of cabbage with an edible head of condensed flowers and flower stems…..

  • When Sitting Becomes Difficult

    Recently, on Sunday morning, someone asked how to sit when the mind is anxious and it feels nearly impossible to be still. As human beings, we have all experienced times when sitting is very...

  • News & Events | December 2018

    Following the conclusion of Fall Training Period at Yokoji, there is a palpable feeling of settling down. As trainees return to the stream of our busy world, the quiet and stillness of the mountain is felt in the midst of this transition. It is now Winter Interim Period, and a core group of residents remain to continue the important work of caring for the Center through the holiday season and beyond…..

  • Honey In Memoriam

    With sadness and love we share the news that our dear Honey died this week on March 14th. This past year, in the Autumn, Honey lost one eye to cancer. She developed lung cancer which was very...

  • Walk for Yokoji

    Yokoji Zen Mountain Center continues to upgrade its facilities in the post-flood years after the 2013 fire. At this time, one of the water tanks has been decommissioned due to leaks and the other one is nearing the end of its life. Yokoji needs to replace both, at a cost of approximately $10,000.

  • Sunday Service - Memorial for Bob Pence

    This coming Sunday, March 26th we will hold a memorial service for our dear friend and Sangha member Bob Pence. Bob recently passed after a short illness and his loss is both a sudden and painful...

  • A Path to Precepts by Rebecca Greenslade

    As I sit down to write, I am still mulling over the echoes of a conversation I had over breakfast with a guest from the group we were hosting this past weekend. He asked me what led me to Yokoji...

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